Terms of Service

About the service

After activating the account, viewing and buying proxies becomes available. Purchased proxies appear on the right side, in the basket and in the History section in the IP:PORT column. The IP is our back-connect server and it can be different from the proxy’s country. That is the back-connect proxy, as they are routed through our server. However, your outgoing IP address will be the one that you bought, not the back-connect one. You need to copy the proxy ip and port and insert them correctly into the program in which the proxy is used.

After buying a proxy you can use it for no more than 24 hours. After that period, the proxy is excluded from the search results available to you for purchases. After the expiration of this time, you can buy it either in the History or in the Search results only if the proxy is online. If the proxy was previously purchased, a notification will be displayed in the information window. Please consider this if you do not want to buy a socks that you used before.

The entire range of proxy is filtered by blacklists and Ip type and additional options. Select the filter settings that you need from the upper-right block:

  • IP Type: IP type - All, Residential, Datacenter/hosting, Windows, Router, Linux, Android, SSH
  • Blacklist: PBL blacklist or not black (clean), XBL blacklist (black 50% off), No blacklist (extra clean).
  • Options: Added today, Never bought by me, Remote DNS, No remote DNS

Filter by ZIP is located at the table with proxies

By default, sorting is done so that first proxies are bought less often. This sorting will not work if you have chosen other sorting, for example by added time.

There are two options for buying a proxy:

  • BUY button - buying a proxy for 24 hours is suitable for most users
  • BUY OUT button - choose this option if you do not want someone else to buy this proxy. After purchase, the proxy will be excluded from the search results for 24 hours.


Important: different types of proxies have different refund policies. For example, there are proxies:

  • without autorefund
  • with autorefund, but without refund tickets
  • without autorefund and without refund tickets

In addition, different types of proxies differ in the guaranteed proxy work time.
For example, Android-type proxies often change IP, so the guaranteed refund time for this type is less.
You can find information on the refund policy for each type of proxy in the modal purchase window.
Please note that not all proxies can get be refunded.

If the refund policy allows, the amounts spent on the purchase of proxy and related services can be refunded to the account balance only.

If the proxy is offline:

The refund is activated on the history page with the refund button. The service responds to the offline proxy with a short delay, up to 5 minutes.
If more than 2 hours have passed since the purchase (less for some types of proxies), the refund button is not available.

If the proxy is online, but unstable, or there is some problem:

Click the VIEW button and request a refund. You must attach a log of connections or a detailed problem description. Refunds through tickets are processed within a day.

The list of problems not subject to refund:

  • geolocation is different from ours on checker websites that use a free database (whoer, ip-score, etc.). Use maxmind.com, ip2location.com for verification. We are not responsible for the relevance of geo databases on checker websites.

  • proxy DNS does not match its country, state, ZIP number. The relevant proxy DNS is specified in the modal purchase window. In some cases, we make refunds, for example, if there are obvious flaws on our part, which we notify users about in advance.
  • the proxy does not open a specific website, including due to the high risc score. No need to create such tickets, we will ignore them. Create a ticket only if there is a technical problem (incomplete loading of pages, errors in domain identification).
  • the proxy is marked as such on the checker website (whoer, ip-score, etc.). You can find answers on why so happens sometimes, in "Problems with Proxy" section.
  • the proxy is considered to be blacklisted only in the spamhouse database (xbl, cbl, css). If the clean proxy turned out to be black in other lists (barracuda, etc.), we will not provide refund. The service has a checker for the most common blacklists, use it before buying a proxy (Blacklists tab). There is a small discount for spamhaus pbl, if there is pbl only, we will not provide the refund.

We do not provide refunds for a proxy which changed IP or port during operation. You can check the current IP port type in History by clicking on the VIEW - ASK REFUND button. If your IP or port changes frequently during your work, write to the ticket.

We guarantee the proxy work only in programs intended to work with the socks5 protocol, for example, Proxifier. We do not support socks4, http socks protocols, and similar. If the program does not work through socks5 - refund is not possible. In such cases, create tickets, we try to meet all the requirements only for the socks5 protocol.

In case of violation of the rules, the service has the right to block the account without returning the balance and the amount spent on account activation.

Refund from the account is possible in two cases only:

  • You made a mistake when transferring Bitcoin. Refund is possible only if the transaction amount exceeds $300. The refund can take several days and will be made to the wallet where funds were received from, at the current Bitcoin rate. Contact the support service through tickets.

  • The service denied servicing without explanation. The balance is refunded upon the user request, at the current Bitcoin rate.

Terms of Service

User must not:
  • Use one account by multiple users; share account access to other users;
  • Publish purchased proxies online in places of public access, closed and open forums, indexed resources, social networks, including free or paid lists of proxies.
  • Give or sell purchased proxy to third parties, services or legal organizations for any purpose.
  • Use proxy for spam and any other activity, which obviously leads to proxy being blacklisted at Spamhaus xbl, cbl, css.
  • Use any software that tries to steal the proxies from the service. You must not use Proxyfire. This software places your proxy on its forum to promote themselves on Google, without your knowledge. Not to be confused with Proxifier!
  • Use multi-threaded software, that creates a high load on the proxy. Constantly working brutters and checkers are prohibited. In case of a heavy load on the proxy, the port and the ip will change. In this case, refund will not be possible.
  • Collect information by scanners such as nmap, acunetix, etc. Scanning back-connect servers to open ports, ddos attacks, brute user passwords, search for sql xss vulnerabilities, etc. All attacks are logged and we will do an asymmetric response.
  • Publish false reviews on forums.
  • Create more than 5 connections to one proxy from different IP addresses. The system will consider such activities as a threat, and can disable the proxy without refund. We noticed this behavior appeared from VPN services located in the US - do not recommend using them.
  • Cause any interruptions in the proxy’s functionality in order to get a refund.
  • Creating a large number of knowingly false requests for refund.
Privacy policy

The connection between back-connect servers and proxy is encrypted, back-connect servers are also have encrypted disks. We don’t save connection logs or traffic logs. Some domains and ports can be blocked to prevent activity that leads to the appearance of a proxy in blacklists, and other undesirable consequences. The service saves the history of purchases and payments of the user. If a malicious activity described in the “Users must not” section is detected, we have the right to monitor the connections and collect logs. We will not disclose information about our customers to anyone.


Users are assistedvia the ticket system. The response to a ticket can vary from 1 to 24 hours. The number of ticket refunds is sorted by the number of purchased proxies. When creating a ticket, you must select the topic to which your issue refers. Tickets asking for refund to a specific proxy, but without proxy selected, will not be processed. In case the site is not available, use jabber support contacts - [email protected], [email protected]

Price policy

The price of the proxy is based on its quality and origin. A clean proxy is a fresh proxy, not blacklisted and with a low proxyscore. A fresh proxy is a proxy that has not been in service for more than 3 months.
In the “socks5 proxy window”, in the SOCKS PRICE column, the “Base Price” is dependant on the source. Some proxies may have a higher base price than others. This is due that some proxies are more expensive to get.
We adjust the price, by estimating the demand and the base price. A clean fresh proxy will have a high demand.
The price of the proxy is calculated as follows: (base price + extra price) * price change (discounts for black lists).

  • BUY fresh proxy, not black = 0.30 + 0.15 = 0.45
  • BUY fresh proxy, not black, score <1 = 0.30 + 0.15 + -0.10 = 0.35
  • BUY fresh proxy, not black = 0.90 + 0.15 = 1.05
  • BUY fresh proxy, black = (0.30 + 0.15) * 0.50 = 0.225
  • BUY fresh proxy, low risk (PBL) = (0.30 + 0.15) * 0.25 = 0.1125
  • BUY Proxy BLACK = 0.15
  • BUY PROXY low risk = 0,075
Additional price:
  • Fresh proxy, added not more than 24.00 hours ago + 0.15 $

The price is not depend on the speed of the proxy nor to the DNS.

Account and payment

Account Activation

The account will be inactive until you pay the registration fee. The registration fee is not credited to balance of your account. The registration fee is $500. If you pay more, the difference will be credited to your balance. If you pay less, the amount is recalculated only after the transaction has been confirmed. Payment is possible only with Bitcoin and Dash, the amount being calculated automatically by the BTC or Dash course after the first confirmation. We may delete accounts that have been inactive for more than six months.


Payments are automatically available trough Bitcoin and Dash. However, we accept Paymer vouchers too trough the ticket system. To pay by Bitcoin/Dash, you must transfer the desired amount to the purse that the system assigned to your account. We don’t have a minimum amount. Please note that the funds will not be credited to your account immediately. You can find more information in the "Transaction without Confirmations" section.Please note:the amount of funds added to your balance is calculated by the Bitcoin market price at the moment of the first confirmation, and not at the moment that you created the transaction.

Transaction without confirmations

The transferred amount is credited to balance after the first confirmation of the Bitcoin/Dash network. Usually, the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed within a few hours. In some cases, the transaction confirmation can take day or more - depending on the workload onthe Bitcoin network and the fee you sent it with. The network load can be checked on the Mempool chart (blockchain.info/charts/mempool-count). The higher the fee you send it with, the faster it will get confirmed.

Never send transactions without fee - confirmation of such a transaction can take up to several days.

DO NOT CREATE TICKETS IF THE STATUS OF YOUR TRANSACTION IS UNCONFIRMED! We cannot speed up the confirmation of your transaction nor we can manually refill the balance. You can check the status of your transaction at blockchain.info/address/your_topup_purse

For Dash please use url explorer.dash.org/chain/Dash

It is impossible to change top-up addresses.

Restore Access

To restore access to your account, support must be sure that you are the owner of the account. A user that lost his password (ex: account hacked) must provide as much information as possible. This is necessary in order to stop attempts to steal someone else's account. The owner of the account must provide information as follows (a star indicates the required fields):

  • login *
  • date of registration (approximately)
  • Bitcoin address used for account replenishment. *
  • the date and amount of the last replenishment
  • last purchased proxy
  • the email or jabber account specified in the account, if exist.

The more information you provide, the faster support will restore access. We can restore access through jabber and support and tickets.

Proxy selection and recommendations

Purchase Modal Window

The header specifies which global type the proxy belongs to:
/ RESIDENTIAL - the proxy is at the end subscriber
/ HOSTING - the proxy is at the hosting

- description of the proxy, provider, and organization geolocation
- the header specifies which service identified the IP geolocation: Maxmind or IP2Location

Load - how many times the proxy was purchased by other users in the last 24 hours
Added - when the proxy was added, or how many proxies are online
Ping - proxy ping, the lower, the faster the proxy responds to queries
Speed - proxy speed for download, you can check the current value by clicking recheck speed

Spamhaus & Scores:
- check proxy for Spamhaus blacklists
- Proxyscore values - the probability that IP is a proxy (according to Maxmind)
Proxyscore verification via Maxmind is disabled by default. The calculation of Proxyscore is not based on databases, but on our own algorithm. The "Estimated" mark is enabled.

- checking IP by 7 additional blacklists

- price calculation and justification.

IP Type shows the operating system / proxy location. Detailed description at the bottom of modal window.

DNS shows information about proxy DNS. Values that DNS can take:

  1. match - DNS IP matches proxy IP, the best option
  2. ct match - DNS is in the same country as the proxy. The most common and acceptable option.
  3. mismatch - DNS is in another country.
  4. No DNS - the proxy does not have DNS, set a local DNS in the program settings.
  5. Unknown - DNS status is unknown.

The proxy text description below contains information about the refund policy, proxy type and quality.
Please read the refund policy in this block carefully, it is different for different types of proxies.

The lower block may contain warnings with a red icon, for example, that the proxy is in blacklists, or that the proxy was purchased earlier.

Purchase buttons:

  • BUY OUT - proxy buyout for 24 hours, only you will use the proxy
  • BUY - proxy rent for 24 hours, suitable for most users.

General recommendations on anonymity and proxy usage

When buying a proxy:

  • Proxy DNS should be at least the same as proxy country
  • Proxy should not be in blacklists
  • Proxy should not be identified as proxy: Proxy score 0 (estimated)

In the browser settings:

  • disable WebRTC
  • disable geo-positioning
  • disable Flash, Java, Silverlight plugins
  • install Adblock plugin or analogues, enable blocking of tracking services such as Google Analytics, Yandex Metrika, etc.
  • install User-Agent Switcher plugin or analogs, and change the user agent according to the proxy type.
  • if you specify proxy in the browser, check the "use proxy DNS" box (if there is such an option).

In the system:

  • set the time and time zone on your device the same as that of the remote proxy.
  • set the screen resolution or browser window size adequate to the browser type.

Note that:

  1. the proxy has valid TCP fingerprints for each type of TCP/IP, such as MTU. The proxy type can be determined with high accuracy using Maxmind and Ip2Location.
  2. some proxies support the UDP protocol. Information about this is in the lower block of the modal purchase window. You can use the Super Socks5Cap program for these proxies.
  3. nowadays, a lot of users are working on mobile devices. The ip address of such users can constantly change during the session. A DNS may not be appropriate for the country, due to disagreements within providers and media producers. Providers oftenly replace search engine resluts, issue different addresses for different outgoing ports and urls. There are many techniques for determining the uniqueness of the device, based on the history of visits, gps data and wifi geolocation, etc. Therefore, dns of socks does not affect on socks cleanliness.

Issues with proxies

Does not work

If the proxy does not open connections to different websites, please create a refund ticket. Be sure to include a connection log in the ticket (for example Proxifier log).

Proxy: yes

Some anonymity checkers can define our proxies as an open proxy. Most often, due to open ports 8080 or 1080. This is determined by scanning for open ports. In most countries, such activity is illegal. Spamhaus added scanning IP address in the blacklist (Vulnerability scanner listing). Merchants and other websites will never scan the open ports of their customers IP’s. Some anonymity checkers web-sites can store information obtained during the scan. We don’t recommend using such checkers, as we don’t known the purpose of them doing so. Open ports have no effect on the quality of the proxy nor to their ability to pay trough a merchant. There are millions of open ports 8080 and 1080 in the world - this does not mean that they are all used as a proxy. You can see that the open port is not the socks5 port – the back-connect port. We don’t refund if the IP address is defined as a proxy due to port scanning. We have developed the service in a manner in which the users don’t need any thirdparty checkers.

Invalid geolocation

We use actual and paid geo-databases, so geolocation is always accurate and relevant to the actual reality. In some cases, it does not match Google's data. We recommend checking for geolocation at maxmind.com or ip-score.com. Claims are accepted only in case of geo mismatch with these services. Most merchants use the maxmind.com geo-database, so please reffer only to this checker.

Problems with DNS

A non-working DNS allows the proxy to remain clean for a long time, as they remain unused. Not all proxies support remote DNS, please pay attention to this when buying a proxy. You need to set the name resolution to local in Proxifier when using such proxies. At the same time, you need to set a Google IP (such as as target host in Proxifier, otherwise the check will show that the proxy is dead. Such proxies are usually faster and cleaner. If you want the proxy to work as fast as possible, we recommend that you set local DNS in Proxifier. Not in all cases the proxy DNS country is equal to the country of proxy. At the moment, we do not offer such a check. Please note: After changing the remote DNS configuration in Proxifier, you must restart the browser.

Blacklisted Proxies

We regularly check the proxy database against blacklists. Blacklisted proxies are highlighted in red and their price is reduced. Also, before purchase the proxy is automatically checked against blacklists, and the price adjusted accordingly. The purchased proxy is added to the cart history on the right side, along with the last 5 purchased proxies. It’s also possible to check the proxy speed and the proxyscore value before purchase.

The presence of SBL does not mean that the proxy is listed in the Spamhaus database as an "open proxy". If you check on other services, such proxies have a low risk mark. PBL is set to the ranges of IP addresses and not to a specific IP address. Providers do so protect themselves  from ranges of spam. For more information please visit www.Spamhaus.org/pbl/